• Image of Roller Derby Till I Die - The Complete First Series Special Edition DVD

The Complete First Series 3 Disc DVD set.

Roller Derby Till I Die is a 13 part television documentary series following the lives of skaters from Europe’s number one Roller Derby league - the London Rollergirls. Roller Derby Till I Die lifts the lid on the UK derby scene by following the lives of 17 unique skaters to discover what it takes to be a roller girl.

DVD Box Set Content:

- x13 Television Series Episodes

Special Features:

Full Bouts.

- London Brawling VS Windy City Rollers, London, UK, April 2013
- London Brawling VS Rat City Rollergirls, Key Arena, USA, June 2013
- London Brawl Saints VS Tiger Bay Brawlers, Cardiff, UK, February 2013

Extended Edits.

- A Skate Odyssey 2013 – Alternative 13 minute video edit
- Stefanie Mainey, Bettê Noir & Raw Heidi - Extended Skater Interviews

The DVD is Region Free, however it is a PAL DVD so please check your DVD player or laptop is capable of supporting the disc before purchasing.